Population density increase: Fairfax County’s new plan

Residents of Reston will be impacted by the proposal

RESTON, Va. – Residents in Virginia may be affected by a new development plan proposed by Fairfax County.
As part of the development plan, Fairfax County’s Department of Planning and Zoning intends to increase the overall population density of the area.
According to the president of the Reston Citizen’s Association, this means they will increase the density per acre in terms of the number of people from 13 to 16.
The president added that this means the effect of the proposal could be as high as 30,000 new people being added to the area. This could create a serious problem for drivers.
“A bigger problem for us already here is transportation. To get across the Dulles Toll Road takes a very long time [during] peak time [in the] morning as well as the evening on both sides going across Wiehle [and] Reston Parkway as well as Fairfax County Parkway. Now, imagine adding another 30,000 or 40,000 people to that,” said Sridhar Ganesan, President, Reston Citizen’s Association. 
The Reston Citizen’s Association will meet on May 24 for a public hearing held by the county. After that, recommendations will be sent to the Board of Supervisors.

[Minor clarification: May 24th is the date for a third public hearing to be held at Lake Anne Elementary school in Reston. On May 22nd, the RCA Board will meet with Supervisor Cathy Hudgins at its regular board meeting and RCA will have an opportunity to discuss the PRC amendment and other issues.]