Board Meeting – On December 5, 2023, President Mulston called to order the meeting of the Board of Directors (Board) of Reston Citizens Association (RCA) at 7:31 pm.  This was a hybrid meeting with selected participants attending in person and one participant attending via Zoom.

Individual Attendees in person were Lynne Mulston, President; Shawn Endsley, Secretary; Dennis Hays (arriving at 7:35 pm); Rich Hoffmann; and Gerald Volloy.  Joe Leighton, Treasurer, attended via Zoom.  Gary Maupin, Vice-President; Connie Hartke, and Michele Silver were absent.  President Mulston determined that an initial quorum of 5 of 9 members was present either in person or via Zoom and the meeting could proceed.

There were no guests.

Adoption of Agenda – President Mulston asked for adoption of the agenda.  Upon motion made by Director Volloy, and seconded by Director Hoffmann, the Board unanimously approved the proposed agenda.

Approval of Minutes – President Mulston asked for approval of the minutes of the October 16, 2023, Board meeting.  Upon motion made by Director Hoffmann, and seconded by President Mulston, the Board approved the minutes of the October 16, 2023, meeting by a vote of 5 to 0 with one abstention.  Director Volloy did not attend the October 16, 2023, Board meeting and therefore abstained.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report – President Mulston then asked for approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Prior to the meeting Treasurer Leighton answered four (4) questions raised by Secretary Endsley on the financial statements. Upon motion made by Secretary Endsley and seconded by Director Volloy, the Board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report.

Reston Town Center North (RTCN) Update – President Mulston asked Director Hays to update the Board on the status of RTCN.  Director Hays noted that the RTCN Task Force assembled by Supervisor Walter Alcorn completed its recommendations for the RTCN.  These recommendations were outlined in a November 21, 2023, FFXNow article.  This article is included as Attachment No. 1.  Director Hays noted that four (4) groups opposed the placement of the library in Block 3 and the homeless shelter in Block 5.  Director Hays noted that a future school in Block 1 is possibly 30 years off.  In addition, the indoor recreation facility proposed for Block 8 is not expected for development until 2056 (32 years in the future).  While the RTCN Task Force has made its recommendations, the implementation of these recommendations will require Reston Association (RA) Design Review Board (DRB) approval as well as review by the Planning Commission.  Director Hays noted that Planning Commissioner Carter did not provide his input on these recommendations.  These recommendations are simply the starting point for a lengthy process of implementation.

RCA Special Project Citizens Opposed to Reston Casino (CORC) Update – President Mulston reported to the Board that CORC had identified three (3) priorities.  Those three priorities are to: (1) Kill any casino related bill in the appropriate committee of the Virginia General Assembly; (2) Ensure that Reston is excluded from any bill authorizing a casino in Fairfax County that might be passed by the Virginia General Assembly; and (3) Support Fairfax County groups opposed to a casino to defeat a referendum.  Currently, the newly elected senators and delegates of the Virginia General Assembly have yet to be sworn in.  No casino bill along with committee assignment has yet to be identified.  President Mulston noted this fight has just begun.

Director Volloy noted he had seen the signs opposing a casino around Reston.  These signs had previously been approved for purchase by the Board.

RA Winterfest Update – President Mulston thanked Director Hartke, Director Hoffmann, and Secretary Endsley for their effort in decorating the RCA sponsored Christmas tree.  Director Hoffmann noted that he had toured the Winterfest area with free tickets as an RA member.  Director Hoffmann stated that the event would not justify the $18 cost for a non-RA member ticket.  President Mulston indicated she would provide contacts to Director Hoffmann.  Director Hoffmann could then provide his feedback on the initial Winterfest event.

President Mulston noted that RCA will consider a budget item to sponsor a 2024 Christmas tree.  Treasurer Leighton noted the RCA general fund balance was quite small and contributions would be needed to cover the 2024 cost of a sponsored Christmas tree.

President Mulston indicated that RCA should consider a quarterly newsletter to communicate RCA’s activities to the community.  This will be an item for future consideration.

Golf Courses Update – Director Hartke was absent, and no specific items were discussed concerning Reston National Golf Course.

Hidden Creek Golf Course (HCGC) – President Mulston reported that the owner had invested a significant amount in new technology for the benefit of golf members.  No further items were discussed.

Other Business The following other items were discussed with the Board:

RCA Position Statement – RestonStrong asked RCA to issue a statement on homelessness in Reston.  The Board asked President Mulston to request copies of what RestonStrong would like the statement to say before approving a public statement.  President Mulston agreed to make that request.

President Mulston noted that she would ask RestonStrong to provide a speaker for our January meeting.

Speaker in February – President Mulston plans to ask Supervisor Alcorn to address the Board at its February meeting.  That meeting is currently scheduled for February 26, 2024.

RCA Call for Board Nominations – President Mulston noted that she had spoken with several individuals who were interested in joining the Board.  She asked Board members to consider chairing a nominating committee to solicit additional individuals for the Board.  Director Hoffmann volunteered to draft a call for nominations.  The Board will discuss this further at its January meeting.

Adjourn – President Mulston noted the next meeting of the Board would be January 25, 2024, at 7:30 pm.  This would accommodate the travel schedules of certain Board members.

President Mulston then asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:31 pm.  Upon motion made by Director Hays and seconded by Director Hoffmann, the Board unanimously agreed to adjourn.

Actions Subsequent to BOD Meeting – On January 6, 2024, President Mulston spoke at the Public Hearing for the Fairfax Delegation to the General Assembly at the Fairfax County Government Center.  This annual event gives county residents an opportunity to share their concerns with their representatives in Richmond before the start of the upcoming legislative session.  The text of President Mulston’s testimony opposing any efforts to develop a casino in Reston is included as Attachment No. 2.