Good morning. My name is Lynne Mulston and I serve as President of Reston Citizens Association. Reston Citizens Association is opposed to any efforts to develop a casino in Reston.

This plan first surfaced last winter during the Virginia General Assembly session and has resurfaced much to the chagrin of local Reston residents.

The Reston Comprehensive Plan does not provide for the development of a casino, and such development goes against Reston’s planning principles. Fairfax County Supervisor Walter Alcorn has stated that he does not support such development, and we stand with our Supervisor on this matter.

Under Virginia law, no legislation currently allows such development in Reston.

The recent efforts of a major developer to gain favor with Virginia State Senators Surovell and Marsden and other elected representatives to sway legislative action indicate their lack of concern about the social, economic, infrastructure and other impacts on the Reston community.

This plan is reprehensible.

RCA will join forces (and HAS) with concerned elected officials, community groups and individuals to push back against local and state actions that allow the development of a casino in Reston.

No developer nor politician has done ANY outreach to citizens.

If Comstock needs to find something to put on one of their Reston properties, why not consider a Performing Arts Center, which is in the Comprehensive Plan for Reston? The space currently identified for this is a bit small for the need, and a corporate sponsor is very much needed.

As the Friends of the Reston Regional Library recently said, “It shouldn’t be easier to build a casino than it is to build a library.” Reston has been waiting a long time for an adequate regional library, and we are still waiting. These are the amenities our community deserves. We are not a rural, depressed community, and Reston has NO need for a casino.

With all due respect, please carry this message from Reston Citizens Association forward to the Virginia General Assembly.

Thank you.