By Terry Maynard

With the Silver Line scheduled to arrive at the end of the
year, RCA’s Reston 2020 Committee focused much of its attention in April to the
state of local preparations to provide access to the new rail transit
service.  Much of Reston 2020’s work
followed up on baseline papers it had prepared in February on the limited
progress in roadway and other improvements at Wiehle
and the
growing dialogue on the need to improve bus transit in Reston

Reston 2020 continued to participate in the second round of
the County’s Fairfax Connector (FC) public meetings and kept the public
informed about the upcoming input opportunities.  Based on what committee members heard there
and Fairfax County postings on its County website on the proposed new schedules,  Reston 2020 identified an important new issue
in the planned bus schedules:  major
gaps in service between morning rush, mid-day, evening rush, and last evening
bus service.
    As Fairfax County continued to
update its bus plan, Reston
2020 continued to highlight gaps in service
.    It is planning to publish a more
comprehensive examination of Fairfax County transit plans for Reston in May. 

The committee also provided extensive commentary on its blog
concerning the continuing shortfalls in completing the many traffic,
pedestrian, and biking improvements needed to enable Restonians safe, convenient,
and easy access to the new Metrorail station.  
baseline post
on the Reston 2020 blog highlighted the 32 improvements the
County planned for the station area and the fact that only three will be
completed by the opening of Wiehle Station. 
The committee also published—and sent to Supervisor Hudgins—a report on
the priority need to build a
cost-efficient, well-located Soapstone Connection
across the Dulles
Corridor to ease traffic around the Wiehle Station.  

To put an exclamation point on these Reston 2020
initiatives, RCA President Colin Mills sent a Board-approved letter
to Supervisor Hudgins
thanking her for her responsiveness to the concerns
detailed in the several Reston 2020 papers.