While still maintaining focus on educating the
community, protecting the quality of life and Reston’s founding principles, the
composition of RCA’s Board is undergoing change.  Some of the sitting RCA directors plan to
retire from the Board’s administrative operations for personal reasons but will
continue to lead specific activities on which RCA and its committees have been
fully engaged, such as with Reston Master Planning and the Baron Cameron Park
Master Plan Revision
serving eight years on the RCA Board including three of them as President,
Colin Mills has decided not to run for another term on the RCA Board.
said, “It’s time for me to take on new challenges. With the wealth of talent
and experience on the Board, I’m confident that I’m leaving RCA in good
hands.  My family needs and deserves more
of my time, and I look forward to spending more of my time with them.”
Maynard, RCA Board member from the South Lakes district and well-regarded
analyst on all things Reston, plans to retire at the end of the current term to
continue his leadership and activities at
Reston2020, a RCA committee that he
have been greatly honored by the opportunity to participate on the RCA Board
and to serve our community as RCA’s representative on the Reston Task Force.
Even after living here for more than three decades, the experience gave me a
far greater appreciation of the specialness of our community and its residents,
and the importance of a vibrant RCA in preserving and building Reston’s
inclusive vision,” Maynard said.
(Dick) Rogers, RCA Board member from the Lake Anne/Tall Oaks/Reston Town Center
District, is also retiring at the end of this term, but will continue to drive
RCA’s transportation planning issues.  He
serves on both RCA’s and Reston Association’s transportation committees. 
“It has been an honor to serve
on the RCA Board during this period of rejuvenation. I hope to continue working
within the RCA framework on issues of planning and transportation which are
critical to Reston’s future.”
RCA Board extends very warm thanks to Colin, Terry and Dick for their long and
distinguished service and remains thankful for their continued leadership and
guidance to the community through RCA’s various committees. 

into the new elections in 2014, thanks to the continued participation of the
retiring Board members, we believe that we have retained the best of our talent
and experience within our Board and committees, while we look forward to
attracting new talent that will further position us to more effectively support
Reston,” said John Hanley, VP, director from Hunters Woods district, and chair
of the RCA 2014 elections committee.