Coalition for a Planned Reston
A voluntary group of residents from the Reston Citizens Association, Reclaim Reston, and Reston 20/20

October 8, 2019

Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) is proud to announce that SOS (Save Our Sunrise), also known as Rescue Sunrise Valley, has joined CPR as an official member. 

SOS quickly mobilized to protect their established neighborhood, located adjacent to the Wiehle transit station area (TSA), from developer over-reach that would shatter their privacy and quality of life. SOS has endeavored to work with Campus Commons developer, TF Cornerstone*, who initially neglected to include them in the required affected neighbor notification. SOS and all of CPR, will continue to urge TF Cornerstone to modify its plans in order to satisfy the letter and spirit of the Reston Master Plan.  To help attain that imperative goal, CPR’s entire membership
stands ready to address any and all Campus Common shortfalls.

CPR acknowledges that incomplete county planning has resulted in disastrous gridlock in the entire Wiehle/Sunrise/Sunset area and that TF Cornerstone is not solely responsible for ‘fixing’ the situation.  HOWEVER, the success of their project and indeed all the Wiehle TSA depends
on their full and earnest cooperation to ameliorate the cumulative effects of huge density in a condensed area. CPR and SOS particularly will advocate for a clear plan to enable new TSA community members safely to access the Metro station across an already congested Wiehle Ave.  Other major stakeholders with whom TF Cornerstone and county staff must collaborate
include Comstock, which owns the two western quadrants of the Dulles Toll Road/Wiehle and JBG who own Midline, the NE quadrant. 

Welcome, SOS, to the CPR family.  We look forward to supporting you as we link arms to promote a sustainable functioning One Reston!

*Note: TF Cornerstone is a for-profit developer not to be confused with Cornerstones, a local non-profit, social services support organization.