In a
unanimous vote at its January 27, 2014, the RCA Board of Directors decided to
fill the three vacant seats on the Board at its next meeting on February 24,
2014.  All qualified Restonians
interested in serving on the RCA Board of Directors are strongly urged to
In its
resolution, the Board directed that the availability of the positions be
advertised not later than February 3 and that applications be accepted using the standard application form through February 17.  Board members will review the applications,
interview the applicants at the February 24th Board meeting, and
select up to three to fill the vacant slots. 
Those selected to fill the vacancies will have to run in this spring’s
regular RCA Board election to retain their spots for a two-year term.
The Board
decided to fill the positions immediately in light of the numerous important
issues confronting the Reston community now. 
Of immediate importance are:
  •            Phase 2 of the Reston Master Plan process which
    will look at redeveloping the village centers and other areas of Reston,
  •           Community participation in the Phase 1 (Dulles
    Corridor) Master Plan implementation group that will grapple with how the
    plan’s vision is achieved,
  •            The possibility of a new Reston recreation
    center and the numerous issues concerning its possible location, cost,
    financing, and facilities,
  •      Enhancement of educational opportunities in
    Reston from high-tech vocational training to bringing a major graduate
    university technology campus to Reston’s urban core, and
  •      Tackling tough issues in protecting our
    environment as Reston continues to grow and re-develop.

To qualify
for a position on the RCA Board of Directors, applicants must (a) live in
Reston as defined by the Reston special tax district (includes Reston Town
Center and other non-RA areas), (b) be at least 16 years old, and (c) complete
and submit their application by February 17, 2014, to RCA President Colin Mills.