The causes of homelessness are often misunderstood, making it difficult for common sense solutions to be implemented.   Solutions that address the impact of mental health issues, drug addition, joblessness and a lack of affordable housing can deliver better outcomes for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities.

Reston generally has a homeless population of between 25 in the winter when shelters like Embry Rucker are over capacity to around 50 during warmer months.  However, unaccompanied youth aging out of foster care and elderly individuals with serious mental health issues can fall through the cracks. There are even some young adults working minimum wage jobs who live unsheltered at times.  

The Reston Citizens Association advocates for common sense solutions to assist the long term unsheltered in Reston. We encourage all to work toward adequate access to critical mental healthcare and substance abuse services and workforce training and job placement leading to achieving long term housing solutions.

Adopted this day, January 23, 2024

Reston Citizens Association Board of Directors