By RCA President Colin Mills
As you know, I’m a fan of snowy
days, like the one we’re expecting tomorrow.  I hope you all remain warm and safe
throughout.  But once the cars and
the walk have been shoveled, the snowmen have been built, and the day’s
sledding runs are complete, you might be looking for something else to do.  If you are, and if you care about our
community’s future, I have a suggestion: Why not apply
for a spot on the RCA Board
We have 3 available seats, and we’re
looking for dedicated community-minded folks to fill them. If you read my posts
on a regular basis, odds are that you’re interested in Reston and community
issues.  And thank you for that!  We need people who care about local
issues.  If that’s you, I’d like to challenge you to take the next step
and get involved in planning our community’s future with RCA.
was one of RCA’s busiest years ever, and 2014 is shaping up to be just as
active.  It’s Reston’s 50th anniversary, and our community will
be looking back at its history, but there are plenty of issues that will have
us looking forward as well.  The opening
of the Silver Line and its surrounding development, the implementation of Phase
1 of the Master Plan and the preparations for Phase 2, the proposed new rec
center… these issues are going to change the face of Reston and how we live,
work, and play for decades to come. 
and its Reston 2020 Committee are active on the front lines of all
of those issues and more.  If you’re interested in helping to shape the
community conversation and help plan for our future, RCA and 2020 are a great
place for you to get involved. 
We were active participants on
Phase 1 of the Task Force, and we’ll be pushing for a citizen-driven process as
our attention turns to the village centers and the rest of Reston.  We’ve
done studies and issued papers about ways to improve access to the future
Wiehle station, and we’ve provided recommendations about the Soapstone
connector as well.  We’ve stood with Rescue Reston and others who are
fighting to preserve open space throughout our community.  And we’re
continuing to study the rec center issue, looking at unanswered questions and looking
to recommend the best way forward for the community.
you’re interested in those issues and want to make a mark on how our community looks
and feels in the future, now is your chance to step up and run for the RCA
RCA isn’t only involved in hot-button issues.  Our Reston Accessibility Committee
continues to be a stalwart advocate for improving access to Reston for people with
disabilities.  Our Education Task Force is has an ambitious vision for an
Academic Village that could revolutionize the way that at-risk youth are taught
and engaged.  And we’re proudly continuing our community-positive
traditions, like the upcoming Citizen
of the Year Award
and our candidate forums.
you’re interested in the projects we’re currently working on at RCA, we’d love
to have you join us.  And if you believe that there are other social and
political issues in Reston that deserve more attention, we’re always open to
expanding our portfolio.  Join us and lead the way.  If you’re
skilled at marketing or fundraising and would like to help RCA expand its
outreach, we’d really love to have you on board.
you’ll need to know about the candidacy requirements.  In order to apply
for a seat on the RCA Board, you must be at least 16 years old, and you must
live in Small Tax District 5 (the tax district that funds the Reston Community
That’s it.  It doesn’t matter
whether you’ve lived in Reston for 30 days or 30 years, or what political party
you belong to (RCA is non-partisan), or whether you’re younger or older (as
long as you’re at least 16).  The available seats are all At Large, so you
can apply no matter where in Reston you live. 
If you’re inspired to improve Reston’s quality of life, and you have the
drive to get involved, you can apply.
If you’re interested in applying,
act quickly: The deadline for submitting the form is Monday (February 17).  Also, mark your calendar for the following
Monday, February 24th at 7:30 PM. 
That will be the time of our next Board meeting at the North County
Government Center (across from the library). 
That’s when the Board will be considering the applications of all the
candidates, and perhaps conducting some in-person interviews as well.  We’ll vote on filling the open positions that
night, so you’ll be able to get started right away.
you’d like to learn more about RCA and what we’ve been doing, you can read some
of my past columns and other information here on our website. The
website is also where you can download
our candidate application
, or you can email me and I’ll send the form to

is a big year for Reston; the decisions we’re making know will determine
whether we can maintain the vision and principles that have built this
community over a half-century, while making sure we’re prepared to adapt to the
needs and challenges of the next 50 years. 
If you love our community and want to help shape its future, I hope you’ll
apply for the RCA Board.  There’s so much going on, and we need all the
interested and involved citizens we can get.  I hope to be working with
you soon.