In response to the comments and concerns received after endorsing the Fairfax Federation’s resolution on Residential Studio Units (RSUs) in October, the RCA Board decided at its November meeting to establish a working group to study the RSU ordinance in depth and recommend a new resolution on the issue to the Board.  RCA’s decision reflects the fact that the RSUs are a complex issue, and that the draft ordinance itself is reportedly going to be modified in response to concerns and comments already expressed.

The working group consists of RCA Board members Colin Mills, John Hanley, and Gary Lee Thomas.  The group will study the ordinance in detail, review resolutions and commentary on the RSU concept, and meet with individuals and groups on both sides of the issue.

Following this review, the working group will prepare a report with its findings for the Board, including its recommendation for RCA’s position on the issue.  The working group is expected to report back to the Board at its next meeting on January 27, 2014.

Anyone who would like to provide comments or information for the working group’s consideration should contact Colin Mills.