Below is an excerpt of the Executive Summary of a white paper to be considered for approval by the RCA Board of Directors at its regular monthly meeting on May 20, at 7:30pm, at the RCC-Hunters Woods facility.  It is on the agenda for discussion at 8:30pm.  The paper looks at a number of open issues concerning the RCC proposal to build a recreation center at Baron Cameron Park financed by Reston special tax district funds.  It proposes the creation of a joint RCC, RA, and RCA panel to address the issues before proceeding with the RCC initiative.

A PDF of the entire Draft Resolution is available here 

Excerpt of the Executive Summary

For the second time in a half-dozen years, Reston Community Center (RCC) has proposed the construction and operation of recreation center in Reston.  It has proposed that the recreation center be located at Baron Cameron Park and financed through Small Tax District #5—a real estate property tax covering all Reston residences and businesses.   The proposal would need the approval of the majority of Reston voters in a bond referendum before a recreation center could be built.

Before deciding on whether Reston should proceed with this major initiative, a number of key issues need to be addressed.  Drawing on work by Brailsford & Dunlavey (B&D), market consultants to RCC on this project, and Robert Charles Lesser Company (RCLCo), this paper identifies key issues and some of the important considerations in a decision on whether and how to proceed with construction of a Reston Recreation Center.

DOWNLOAD the PDF version (DRAFT)