RCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 27th, 2017
National Realty Building

Those attending included: Nick Georgas, Hank Schonzeit, Sridhar Ganesan, Dennis Hays, Moira Callaghan, Yavuz Inanli,  Joe Leighton, Connie Hartke, Lynne Mulston, Robin Hogan, and Joe Leighton
Absent were: Annmarie Swope, John Hanley
Guests were:

  1. Agenda – Based on a motion by Joe and a second by Hank the agenda was unanimously adopted by those in attendance.
  2. The January 23rd RCA Meeting Minutes – Based on a motion by Dennis and a second by Hank, the minutes were approved by Yavuz, Sridhar, Dennis, Moira, Lynne, and Nick. Joe, Robin, and Connie abstained.
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Based on a motion by Joe and a second by Hank the Treasurer’s report previously circulated by Joe via email was approved as distributed. Connie abstained.
  4. RNAG – Hank briefed the group on the most recent transportation tax meeting which took place in Herndon. Hank thinks that RCA should meet with Supervisor Hudgins to voice RCA concerns on the proposal. Moira brought up that our previously prepared positions would be beneficial being presented to Supervisor Hudgins. Sridhar will create the action.
  5. Reston Soccer Field – Connie spoke about the open discussions around Reston Soccer Association’s proposal for paying to improve the Lake Newport Soccer Fields and that nothing in their proposal was set in stone. Connie first became aware of the idea last June when RSA held a Town Hall meeting and has followed the process since in the online news sources and RA Board meeting videos. The idea that RA could be a leader in Fairfax County in finding a way to improve athletic fields without the use of tire crumb was of great interest. At the 2/23 RA Board meeting the discussion was officially tabled. Connie is disappointed that discussions and community input on a Reston-wide athletic field amenity could not be continued.  
  6. RA Tetra and conflict of interest – Sridhar discussed the Tetra review and that it is on track to be complete on time. Sridhar also spoke about the conflict of interest statements that were still incomplete by RA board members. It was encouraged that RCA members send questions to the Reston Association board of elections.
  7. Citizen of the year – Lynne spoke about the COY awards and the need of a chair. Lynne made a motion to skip the award ceremony for this year, seconded by Moira. It was decided unanimously to approve the motion.
  8. Education – Sridhar spoke about the education committee meeting with the FCPS chairperson. The next step is to meet with Pat Hynes to amend the amendment to allow repurposing buildings.
  9. Reston Community Center – Connie gave a report on the 2/13/2017 RCC Community Relations and Program/Policy Joint Committee meeting. Three options for a new aquatic layout were shared with hopes that the one that falls within current budget would be chosen.. Connie noted the large turnout of approximately 100 people. The audience included swimmers of all sorts of interest from therapeutic to competitive.
  10. Lake Anne Fellowship House – Connie mentioned that improvements and process’ at the LAFH were moving along well.
  1. Other Business –
    1. Paid Parking – Hank discussed the paid parking situation at RTC and how the various residential buildings are handling it.
    2. Dog Park – Moira spoke of the dog park as being an ongoing issue in the community.
    3. Delegate Election – Robin spoke of a way to host a delegate open house for the upcoming election.
  2. Location and Time of Next Meeting – The next meeting will be March 27th, 2017 at 7:30 at the Hartke Building. Hank made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Robin seconded it. The motion was unanimously approved by all those in attendance.