RESTON, VA: June 2, 2021 – Following the May 27 election, Reston Citizens Association is pleased to announce the Board of Directors effective June 1, 2021.


Hunters WoodsConnie Hartke
Town Center/Lake Anne/ Tall Oaks    Lynne Mulston
Craig Stevens  
North PointShawn Endsley
Brian Steiner  
South LakesJoe Leighton  
At-LargeDennis Hays
Yavuz Inanli
Gary Maupin
Vincent Dory


President – Lynne Mulston
Vice President – Gary Maupin
Treasurer – Joe Leighton
Secretary – Shawn Endsley

Incoming RCA President Lynne Mulston notes, “Reston Citizens Association’s mission is to promote Reston’s vision and planning principles, to sustain and enhance its quality of life now and in the future, by serving as a non-partisan, action-oriented organization for all Restonians. RCA takes a holistic approach to understanding the Reston community’s needs and desires and proposes results-oriented solutions. The passion and energy that this RCA board brings to advancing RCA’s mission is encouraging.”

RCA has three overarching goals:

  1. To educate the community by monitoring, analyzing and reporting on issues affecting Reston and its future.
  2. To engage the community by actively listening and communicating with Reston residents in writing and in public meetings.
  3. To facilitate the voice of the citizens by representing the community at local, county and state level meetings and forums as well as with all other relevant stakeholders.

Among other meaningful and impactful issues identified by Board members and citizens are RCA sponsored election candidate debates/forums, representation on the Comprehensive Plan Task Force and related working groups (Transportation, Open Space, Parks and Recreation, and Land Use) analysis and stated positions on key issues that affect all our lives such as proposals for “Sports Tourism”, a Town Center Parkway Underpass, preserving Reston’s two 18-hole golf courses and keeping Reston a PLANNED community.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Reston Citizens Association at