The Reston Citizens Association (RCA) today released the
slate of candidates for its 2013 Board of Directors election. Founded in 1967,
the Reston Citizens Association (RCA) represents the citizens of Reston on
political and social issues, including planning, development, transportation, education,
environment, accessibility, and more. RCA is committed to preserving Bob
Simon’s founding principles and New Town vision as Reston moves forward as an
established community.

The following seats are up for election: President, North
Point Director, Lake Anne/Tall Oaks/Town Center Director, South Lakes Director,
Hunters Woods Director, and two At-Large Directors. Each seat carries a
two-year term, except for President, which has a one-year term.

Running for President
are incumbent Colin Mills and Board
member Gary Lee Thomas. 

Mills, 34, is a lifelong Restonian who is completing his
second year as RCA President.  He had
previously served on the RCA Board from 2005 to 2010, and as Vice Chair of the
Reston Community Center (RCC) Board of Governors. He is Bob Simon’s alternate
on the Reston Master Plan Task Force.  Mills hopes to have RCA facilitate a
community-wide discussion on Reston’s future. 
He also hopes to strengthen RCA’s ties to other community organizations,
and improve RCA’s two-way communication with Reston citizens.

Thomas is currently serving as an At-Large RCA Board member;
he has been in office for one year and serves on RCA’s Education Committee.  He also served two previous terms on the RCA
Board.   He is the President-elect of the
Sunrise Valley Elementary PTA, and is a former Chapter President of the Reston
Jaycees.  If elected, Thomas would focus
on fundraising and community events.  He
hopes to start events such as a Reston Mini-Maker Faire, RCA Reston Spelling
Bee, and RCA Reston Dirt Bike Race.

Gary Walker is
seeking re-election as Lake Anne/Tall
Oaks/Town Center Director
. Walker has lived in Reston for over 20 years,
and he has served on the RCA Board since 2011. He is the chair of RCA’s
Technology Committee, and spearheaded the recent re-launch of RCA’s website and
newsletter.  He hopes to help RCA craft
action steps to meet its strategic goals, and to ensure that RCA speaks for the
community. He calls for the citizens of Reston to have a voice in the
community’s future.

Joe Leighton is standing for election as South
Lakes Director
.  Leighton, a 32-year
Reston resident, is currently Secretary of the Reston Association (RA) Board,
and he served as an RA Board member for 12 years.  He also serves as the Treasurer of the
Association of Reston Clusters and Homeowners (ARCH), and is a former President
of the Wethersfield Cluster Association. 
He seeks to preserve neighborhoods in South Reston, maintain open space,
strengthen public transportation, and improve the lighting and sidewalks in

Two candidates are seeking election to the two open Hunters Woods Director seats.

John Hanley,
RCA’s sitting Vice President, is seeking re-election.  Hanley has served on the RCA Board since
2009, and he is a former co-chair of the Reston 20/20 Committee and former
chair of the Elections Committee.  He
intends to expand the work of RCA and Reston 20/20 to improve Reston’s quality
of life and plan for new development in the community.  He calls for protection of Reston’s classic
values and for the community to grow in an ordered fashion.

Connie Hartke, a
first-time RCA candidate, is seeking the other Hunters Woods seat. Hartke is a
board member of Rescue Reston and a volunteer with the Reston Triathlon, Reston
Marathon, and Herndon-Reston FISH.  She
has also been an activist for palliative and hospice care.  She hopes to help Restonians understand the
important issues facing the community, using RCA as a platform to distribute
information in an easy-to-understand format.

Tammi Petrine is running
for re-election to an At-Large Director
seat.  Petrine has lived in Reston for 37
years, and she has served on the RCA Board since 2007.  She is the co-chair of the Reston 20/20
Committee and also serves as Vice President of the Fairway Cluster
Association.  She was a founder of the
Reston Institute for the Arts and founder of the Soapstone/Myrtle Neighborhood
Watch.  Petrine hopes to continue RCA’s
advocacy on behalf of Reston’s citizens. 
She believes RCA can promote Reston’s best interests as the community
copes with massive development along the Dulles corridor.

The RCA Board election
will take place from June 26 to July 10.
Continuing the practice  established last year, this year’s election
will be held entirely online. Anyone who (a) is 18 years or older and (b) lives
anywhere in Reston (defined as Reston Small Tax District #5) is eligible to
vote.  Voters can go to this website
and click on the “VOTE” button to learn more about the candidates and cast
their ballots.