Fairfax County’s Proposal to
Increase the Population Density of Reston

Wednesday, September 20th
7 – 9PM

Reston Association’s Conference

Fairfax County is
recommending changes
to the Reston Planned
Residential Community (PRC) zoning ordinance that would allow:

 • an
increase in the number of persons per acre in Reston’s PRC district from 13 to
16; and

• a
significant increase in high-rise multi-family buildings

We will share with you why these
changes are being proposed and the impact on our open space, traffic, schools
and other public facilities. 
We invite you to ask
questions, and share your views and concerns.

This informational meeting
will prepare all for a community gathering called by Supervisor Hudgins to hear
the County’s own explanation on 
September 25.
Let’s come together to ensure we can
continue to say “Reston 
is a
planned community”

and NOT “Reston was a
planned community.”
This forum is hosted by Reston Association with presentations by
Reclaim Reston, Reston 20/20 and Reston Citizens Association

We sincerely
apologize for the scheduling conflict with Rosh Hashanah.