Reston needs you!  The Comprehensive Plan for Reston’s transit station areas is going to the Planning Commission for a public hearing tonight.  RCA believes the plan has several significant problems, especially in the areas of transportation, parks and recreation, and implementation.  We’re going to testify that plan approval should be deferred until these issues are addressed.  But we need YOUR support!  A big turnout of Restonians at this hearing will show the Commission how much these issues matter to our citizens.

The hearing is tonight at 8:15 PM at the Board Auditorium at the Fairfax County Government Center (12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA 22035).  Encourage your friends and neighbors to come; carpool if you can.

RCA President Colin Mills will testify at the hearing with a summary of RCA’s concerns about the plan. Other RCA members will be speaking, including Terry Maynard, representing RCA’s 20/20 Committee, who will talk in detail about traffic and transportation; Tammi Petrine, who will speak about the park issue; and Connie Hartke, who will discuss open space.  Other Reston leaders plan to speak as well.

If you’d like to speak out for Reston about the Comprehensive Plan, you can register here.  But you don’t have to speak if you don’t want; what we need most is your support.  Hope to see you tonight!

To learn more about the Comp Plan and our concerns, you can read the RCA/RA/ARCH joint comment on the issues with the Plan, or President Mills’s thoughts about the last Task Force meeting.