Have you submitted your nomination for RCA’s 2013 Citizen of the Year yet?  Time is running out!  If you know a deserving volunteer who has helped make Reston a better place, click the link below to get the form and make your nomination today.

(The link above will open a Google doc with the nomination form. To download the form, click the File menu in the upper left portion of the screen, select Download As, then select Microsoft Word.)
Your nominee could join the ranks of illustrious Citizens of the Year like Janet Howell, Embry Rucker, Jim Allred, Dave Edwards, and 2012’s winner, Cate Fulkerson.

The nominee must meet these criteria in order to be selected Citizen of the Year:
  1. The nominee has been a Reston
    resident for at least 5 years.
  2. The nominee’s actions are consistent with the goals of Reston, and of RCA.
  3. The nominee’s actions have contributed to the quality
    of life in
  4.  People in need of help have benefited from the
    nominee’s actions.
  5. The nominee’s deeds were done without thought of
    personal benefit or recognition.
  6. The nominee is not currently serving as an elected
    public official or a member of the Board of a major community organization (RA,
    RCA, or RCC).
You can submit your nomination by email, or by mail to the address listed on the form.

The deadline for nominations is December 15, 2013, so submit your form today!