Location: Reston Community Center, Hunters Woods

Present: Colin Mills, President; Terry Maynard, Secretary; Dick Rogers; George Kain; Connie Hartke; Tammi Petrine
The meeting was called to
order at 7:30PM. 
#1.  Agenda
Terry Maynard moved that the
agenda be accepted as presented.  George
Kain seconded the motion.  Motion passed
#2  Meeting Minutes
Connie Hartke moved that the
minutes of the Sept. board meeting be approved as presented by Terry Maynard.  Tammi Petrine seconded.  The motion passed with a vote of 5 yeas and
Colin abstaining as he was absent for that meeting.
#3  Treasurer’s Report
Tammi Petrine moved that the
treasurer’s report be approved as presented by Joe Leighton via email.  George Kain seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
#4  RCA/RA/ARCH Joint Community Forum Review
Colin gave an overview of a
very successful joint forum of RA/RCA/ARCH on Oct. 17 at 7PM at RA
headquarters.  The crowd was standing
room only in the main conference room and an over-flow room in the basement.  After the main presentations, the Q & A
session was lively.  A synopsis of the
questions and answers were promised be made available to the public by RA
staff.  Colin will follow up to see when
that will be done.
Terry and Colin also attended
Supervisor Hudgins forum held on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd.  They reported that is was not anywhere near
as well attended or presented as the joint forum.  Many of audience were county staff who were
interested only in presenting their pitch but not fielding questions or
entertaining suggestions/concerns.
#5  Task Force Comprehensive Master Plan Vote
Next Terry led discussion on
the next Task Force meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 29th at 7PM
at RA headquarters.  A joint statement
totaling 7 pages was submitted by RA/RCA/ARCH.  In addition, Colin had condensed the main
sections of the TF report into a one page report card with grades for each
section.  The board expressed approval of
this terrific graphic as something the public can easily understand and get
ideas of report’s strengths and weaknesses. 
Colin expressed that he thought the grades were harsh.  Tammi Petrine insisted that RCA and 2020’s 4
years of efforts to advocate for the best results for the community
necessitated a no-nonsense approach to the report that so far is far from
acceptable in many ways.  Terry summed up
the good points and then the failing sections: Transportation, Parks & Rec
and the non-existent Implementation. 
George Kain made and Terry
Maynard seconded a resolution of the RCA board which passed unanimously which
directed Terry Maynard to vote “NO” on accepting the Task Force report if
significant changes which address our major concerns are not made to the
document on Tuesday evening.  It was also
decided to provide 50 copies of the Report Card to be available on the TF
table.  Connie volunteered to
provide the copies.
#6  RA Lake Anne Land Swap
The board discussion on this
subject was long and complex.  Everyone
enthusiastically supports successful revitalization of Lake Anne by the developer
who won the contract with the county. 
Colin clarified some of the details of the arrangement followed by
Connie who has been actively researching the facts of the conflict and problems
of clearing the 100+ year old upland forest area that RA proposes to swap with
a worthless steep, problematic parcel adjacent to Baron Cameron Road.  The reality is that the BC parcel would cost
RA money to maintain and was virtually worthless as an asset to RA.  Also, the added benefits provided by
developer cited in the swap are all items that would be required anyway by the
RA deed so were really a red herring in the debate.  Tammi added that Eve Thompson’s ownership of
LA plaza property should render her ineligible to vote as an RA director on
this issue as clearly she has a conflict of interest.  After much consideration, Dick Rogers will
craft a resolution which the members of the RCA board who were present for the
discussion will vote on by email which states our concerns and position on this
critical, precedent-setting RA move.
#7  FCFCA Resolution on Studio Apartments
After discussing the intent
of the Fairfax County Federation of Community Associations’ resolution, Tammi
Petrine made a motion which was seconded by Terry Maynard to endorse the
resolution.  The motion passed
Copy attached.
#8  RCA Citizen of the Year
Colin will be emailing
nomination materials for this wonderful award to RCA board members and others
in the near future.  Members of the
committee are:  Colin, Tammi, John Hanley,
Connie and Gary Lee Thomas.
#9  Library Beta Plan
Tammi led a discussion of the
library debacle and latest news.  Wed,
Oct. 30th is the Hunters Woods district meeting sponsored by
Supervisor Hudgins.  All were encouraged
to attend to support the library and the elimination of Beta forever.  In all areas of county, citizens are vocal
about saving good, diverse libraries, increasing the library budget, and
requiring MFA personnel. 
#10  Nova Labs Update
Gary Lee was absent so this
discussion was tabled until the November meeting.  It is hoped Nova Labs president will be
available to attend then.
#11  Technology Report
Colin reported that the
website hits are steadily increasing.  He
invited anyone to submit content on relevant community issues to keep the site
current and interesting.
#12  SLHS IB Science Project involving Reston
National Golf Course
Connie gave a synopsis of the
program she chaired for the kick-off of the SLHS IB science project involving
300+ students which this year will assess the ecological advantages that the
golf course provides for the local watershed. 
She worked with an IB biology teacher to formulate the challenges of
this project which promises to be a great source of information for proponents
of saving the property from development.
Copy of project overview
#13  Other Business
George Kain presented more
glossy Metro updates that he is receiving in the mail.  In addition, he discussed the RCA bylaw
revisions re: elections to the RCA board that he is working on.  He will present them to the rest of the
committee in the near future.
#14  Time and Place of Next Meeting; Adjournment
The next meeting will be
Monday, November 25 at 7:30PM at RCC. 
There is no Dec. meeting scheduled this year.
Meeting was adjourned at
Respectfully submitted:
Tammi Petrine

Acting Secretary