These are a few excerpts from an opinion piece in the Washington Post  

On Tuesday, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on a developer’s rezoning application for the site. If approved, the building will be razed and replaced by townhouses and condominiums. Last month, the Fairfax County Planning Commission recommended the application be denied.

. . . the ARB [Fairfax County Architectural Review Board] notes that “The lack of a comprehensive heritage resources inventory within the designated Transit Station Areas along the Silver Line corridor areas is inconsistent with the County’s stated objectives for the District,” a disservice to county residents and developers.

The American Press Institute building is part of Reston’s rich tapestry. Given the building’s extraordinary history and architecture, Fairfax County must welcome proposals for adaptive reuse.
Great buildings should be celebrated and treasured. Communities have the responsibility and privilege of serving as their stewards. Breuer’s American Press Institute building deserves a second life, not a demolition permit.
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