Reston’s quality of life important to you?  Wondering what effects the
development around the Silver Line will have on our community?

In the next two decades, Reston will almost double in size due to the development around the new Metro stations.

  • 40,000 new corridor residents

  • 62,000 new jobs (bringing commuters)

  • Parks, sports fields lacking in plans & developer proffers

  • Traffic gridlock mornings and evenings

There are grave concerns about whether we’ll get the needed road
improvements, parks, sports fields, and more.  The window is closing
fast on holding the developers accountable in these areas.  It’s not too late, but we need YOUR input before the Comprehensive Plan is adopted by the Planning Commission in November.

Come to the Community Meeting on the Phase One Comprehensive Plan for
Reston.  This meeting is co-sponsored by the Reston Citizens Association
(RCA), Reston Association, and the Alliance of Reston Clusters and
Homeowners (ARCH).

This is your chance to find out what changes may be coming, and what
those changes will mean for Reston – good and bad.  You’ll also be able
to make your voice heard on Reston’s future development, and we’ll tell
you what you can do to get involved.

Click here to see the agenda for the community meeting.  Click here
to read RCA President Colin Mills’s thoughts about the forum, and why
it’s important that Reston’s community organizations are coming