Over the past month, news reports surfaced of renewed interest and efforts by Comstock to develop a casino in Reston. The Patch has done extensive reporting on the issue, and take my word for it, the threat is real!

Reaction to this news from our local elected officials has been unanimous in opposition to Comstock’s plan, and community feedback has been equally strong and unified. A few weeks ago, several of Reston’s leading community organizations came together and formed a coalition, Citizens Opposed to Reston Casino (CORC), to work together to defeat any effort to build a casino here.

With the support of the Reston Citizens Association (RCA) Board, CORC was welcomed as a special project. CORC’s inaugural members include RCA, Rescue Reston, Reston Strong, Save Our Sunrise, and Reston 20/20.

This week you will start to hear more about the campaign, especially with the launch of our website. You may have already heard of the Say No to Reston Casino petition or a Facebook Group with a similiar name. Those efforts and others have been rolled into CORC.

As a friend and supporter of RCA, I wanted you to hear about this special project directly from me. I also also would like to personally invite your participation in this important campaign.

The following link is to a page on the new Citizens Opposed to Reston Casino website especially for RCA members where you can learn more and support the effort. Signatures on the petition, donations to support community engagement, and volunteer recruitment are our three top priorities. Anything you can do to pitch in is most appreciated!


Lynne Mulston

RCA President

P.S. After you sign the petition on change.org, you will be prompted to make a donation to share the petition more widely. Please consider making a donation directly to the Citizens Opposed to Reston Casino instead. Funds sent to change.org support that company’s petition platform and are not shared with CORC.