By RCA President Colin Mills

This is an important and exciting
time for Reston.  As we celebrate our
community’s 50th anniversary and our founder’s 100th
birthday, we’ve been looking back at our past and ahead to our future.  And as we look ahead, it’s clear that major
change is in store for our community. 
The Silver Line will soon be open,
and that will trigger major redevelopment that will bring great opportunities
and great challenges for Reston.  Our original
village center, Lake Anne, is about to begin a major revitalization.  Our other village centers may have
redevelopment awaiting them as well.  We’re
going to see thousands of new residents and new jobs in the coming decades,
which will bring new vitality, but also new demands on our infrastructure.  We’re going to need roads, schools, fields,
parks, and open spaces for those new Restonians, and we’ll need to provide them
with limited resources and without damaging the quality of life for existing
There’s a lot going on! And it’s a
great time to be involved.  There’s no
better evidence of that then the large field of candidates (myself included)
who ran in the recent Reston Association election.  If you’re interested
in all the change in Reston and want to be involved, I’d encourage you to get
involved in planning our community’s future by running for the RCA Board.
and our 20/20
 have been on
the front lines of the planning and development issues that are shaping our
community.  We were active participants
on Phase 1 of the Master Plan Task Force, and we’ll be back again for Phase 2. 
We’ve done studies and issued papers on how to meet the transportation,
recreation, and environmental needs of the coming development.  We’ve stood
up for our citizens to protect our resources, whether that means standing up
for our libraries
or working with Rescue Reston to save Reston
National Golf Course
.  And we’ve held forums to inform our citizens
and listen to their opinions on issues like the Master
and the proposed changes at Baron
Cameron Park
If you want to represent the
community on the issues that will affect our future, there’s no better place to
be than RCA.  We recently added
some fresh voices
to our Board; why not add yours too?
planning and development isn’t your focus, don’t worry; RCA has a broader focus
than that. Since 2008, our Reston
Accessibility Committee
has been a strong and tenacious advocate for
Restonians with disabilities.  Our new Reston
411 series
provides quick facts to keep our citizens up to speed on what’s
going on.  And we’re continuing to work hard on our community-positive
traditions like the Citizen
of the Year Award
and our candidate forums.
you have a community issue that you believe needs more attention, we’re always
open to expanding our portfolio to better serve our citizens.  Join us and
lead the way.  And we’ve planning to make a big push on improving our communications
and fundraising in the next year; if you’re skilled in those areas, we’d love
to have you on board.
you’ll want to know about the candidacy requirements.  In order to run for
a seat on the RCA Board, you must be at least 16 years old, and you must live
in Small Tax District 5 (the tax district that funds the Reston Community
Center).  That’s it.  It doesn’t matter whether you’ve lived in
Reston for 30 days or 30 years, whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, what
political party you belong to (RCA is non-partisan), or whether you’re younger
or older (as long as you’re at least 16).  If you want to improve Reston’s
quality of life, and you have the drive to get involved, you can throw your hat
in the ring.
are five seats up for election this year:  North
Point Director
, Lake
Anne/Tall Oaks/Town Center Director
, South Lakes Director, Hunters Woods Director, and At-Large
.  How do you know which district you’re in?  It depends
on where you vote in state and federal elections.  I’ve got a handy chart
  • North
    you vote in North Point, Stuart, or Aldrin Precincts (at Aldrin or Armstrong)
  • Lake
    Anne/Tall Oaks/Town Center:
    you vote in Reston I, Reston II, Reston III, or Cameron Glen Precinct (at Lake
    Anne or Forest Edge)
  • South Lakes: If you vote in Sunrise Valley,
    South Lakes, or Terraset Precinct
  • Hunters
    you vote in Dogwood Precinct, Hunter Woods Precinct, or Glade Precinct (at RCC
    Hunters Woods)
order to run for a District Director seat, you must live in that
district.  To run for At-Large Director, you may live anywhere in Small
Tax District 5.  All Directors serve
3-year terms (this is a change that we’ve made this year to bring RCA in line
with other Reston organizations like RA and RCC).
you’d like to learn more about RCA and what we’ve been doing, you can read some
of my past columns on Reston Now, or you can check out the RCA website. The
candidate filing period opens on April 28th (next Monday) and closes
on May 23rd, so don’t
delay if you want to run.  The candidate form
will be up on our website once the filing period opens.
you’ve filed as a candidate, then it’s time to start campaigning.  Thanks
to the online voting system we implemented in 2012, it will be easier than ever
for your supporters to cast votes. 

you love Reston and want to be involved during this exciting time, consider
running for the RCA Board.  There’s a lot going on, and we need our
citizens to be involved.  I hope you’ll
take this chance to help shape Reston’s future.