Reston Association is holding a special meeting on Wednesday to update its members on DEVELOPMENT IN RESTON. All Restonians, regardless of association membership, are welcome to attend this valuable educational session.* 

Don’t wait until it’s your back yard being affected to try to understand Reston’s Planning and Zoning process. The developers are submitting applications fast & furious. We have a “gold rush” in Reston and if you want to understand where in the process you might have effective input, here is your opportunity to learn.

This Special Meeting of RA’s Board of Directors will provide an update and status regarding various Land Use/zoning matters affecting the Reston community and will provide an opportunity for the Board to discuss those matters, including but not limited to: 
  • Current and anticipated Land Use/zoning applications in Reston presented by RA’s Land Use Counsel John McBride, Esq., Odin Feldman Pittleman.
  • The County’s and Reston Association’s Land Use/Zoning Application Review & Community Input Processes
  • A discussion regarding St. John’s Woods development. Those who live in and around are very concerned about the plans to double the density in this piece of north Reston. The density was already approved by Fairfax County. RA is limited on what they can object to. Neighbors of the project will be there to learn where they might still affect the outcome that will so greatly impact their roads and schools.
  • A draft RA Design Review Board policy related to member notification (which would be required of developers on RA-covered land) when the RA DRB receives requests for courtesy review and/or DRB covenant required review of applications related to Fairfax County land use/zoning application projects.
Meeting Date and Time:  Wednesday, September 14, 6:30 p.m.
Where:  Reston Association headquarters, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston
View the agenda and specific agenda item times (actual times may vary) at
*Fairfax County is Reston’s governmental body — not Reston Association. RA membership does not cover everyone in Reston – this is explained by RCA in Around Reston magazine: