So you’ve seen our forum and heard what your community organizations had to say about the draft Comprehensive Plan and what it means for our community’s future.  Ready to get involved? Here’s how you can stand up for Reston and make your voice heard:

  1. Come to a forum being hosted by Supervisor Hudgins on Tuesday, October 22nd at 7 PM at South Lakes High School to learn even more about the Task Force and the Comp Plan.
  2. Come to the next Reston Master Plan Task Force meeting on Tuesday, October 29th at 7 PM at the RA Conference Center.  Members of the public can speak at Task Force meetings, so come prepared to share your thoughts.
  3. Come to the Planning Commission hearing and the Board of Supervisors hearing on the Comprehensive Plan.  We
    don’t yet know when those will happen; they’re currently scheduling the Planning Commission hearing for November and the BOS hearing for December. Keep an eye on our website; we’ll let you know when the dates are decided.  We
    want to see a big turnout of Restonian who care about our community and its
  4. Email your comments to the Task Force and to Supervisor Hudgins. They need to hear what the citizens think about Reston’s future.
By speaking out about the Comp Plan, you can show that you care about Reston, and that you want to ensure that our planning is true to Bob Simon’s vision and balances growth and vitality with the need to protect our environment, our open spaces, our mobility, and our quality of life.