Board Meeting – On November 28, 2022, President Mulston called to order the meeting of the Board of Directors (Board) of the Reston Citizens Association (RCA) at 7:30 pm. This was a ZOOM meeting.

Individual Attendees via ZOOM were: Lynne Mulston, President;  Gary Maupin, Vice-President; Joe Leighton, Treasurer; Shawn Endsley, Secretary; Scott Arwood; Connie Hartke; Dennis Hays (joined at 7:34 pm); and Michele Silver. Vincent Dory, Director, was absent. President Mulston determined that a quorum of 6 of 8 members was present at 7:30 pm and the meeting could proceed.

There were two guest – Dennis Smyers and Susan Biffel.  Ms. Biffel left the meeting early.

Adoption of Agenda – President Mulston asked for adoption of the agenda.  Upon motion made by Vice-President Maupin, and seconded by Secretary Endsley, the Board unanimously approved the proposed agenda.

Approval of Minutes – President Mulston asked for approval of the minutes of the October 26, 2022 Board meeting.  Upon motion made by Director Silver, and seconded by Vice-President Maupin, the Board approved the minutes of the October 26, 2022 meeting by a vote of 5 to 0 with Treasurer Leighton and Director Hartke abstaining due to their absence at the meeting.     

Approval of Treasurer’s Report – President Mulston then asked for approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Upon motion made by Vice-President Maupin and seconded by Secretary Endsley, the Board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report.

Reston Comprehensive Plan (RCP) Task Force Updates – President Mulston, Vice-President Maupin and Director Hays were members of the RCP Task Force.  President Mulston asked Vice-President Maupin and Director Hays to update the Board on the status of the RCP.  Based on comments from participants at the Fairfax County (County) Land Use Policy meeting that included a number of County Supervisors approval of the RCP by the County Board of Supervisors (BoS) looks likely in the Spring 2023.

Vice-President Maupin noted that County Staff is expected to complete their review after the first of the year with a targeted completion in June 2023.  Vice-President Maupin opined that County Staff is not expected to make major changes to the RCP.  He did note that certain chapters in the RCP may be moved to other County policy documents.  These changes reflect that the RCP is leading the County with certain chapters of the RCP.

Director Hays inquired whether County Staff would provide the RCP Task Force with their changes and edits in advance.  This process would allow the RCP Task Force to develop appropriate responses to the County Staff edits.  Director Hays suggested that RCA write a letter to appropriate County Staff requesting that edits to the RCP be provided to the RCP Task Force in advance of any meeting to review the County Staff edits.

President Mulston felt that the Land Use chapter of the RCP would be retained.  The Board will need to continue to monitor the County Staff review of the RCP.

President Mulston also indicated that RCA’s comments on the RCP would be submitted In January when organizational comments would be due.  Individual comments on the RCP had to be submitted by October 28, 2022.

Site Specific Plan Amendment (SSPA) Nominations – President Mulston asked Director Hartke to update the Board on the SSPA process and status.  Director Hartke noted that SSPA stands for Site Specific Plan Amendment.  The SSPA process is the County’s process for reviewing proposed land use changes (called “nominations”) to the County’s Comprehensive Plan for individual sites.  In October 2022, nominations were accepted in all nine Supervisor Districts in the2022-2023 Countywide SSPA cycle, including Braddock, Franconia, Mason, Mount Vernon, Springfield, Dranesville, Hunter Mill, Providence and Sully Districts. This Countywide scope supersedes prior focuses on the North County (2017-2018) and South County (2019-2021) districts.  On December 6, 2022 the BoS will take action to accept nominations.  There have been 75 nominations for SSPAs of which the Hunter Mill district has 15 nominations, the most of any district.  Director Hartke noted that the developers and/or their attorneys have nominated both golf courses for SSPAs.

 Supervisor Alcorn has noted that his opinion on both golf courses has not changed.  That is, both golf courses should remain as “green space” with no development permitted.  This should mean that on December 6, 2022 the two nominations for the Reston golf courses would be rejected.  Director Hartke noted that Rescue Reston will be monitoring the situation to determine if further action is required.

The link to the County website for the SSPA Process is: 1 details the 2022-2023 Countywide SSPA Process and is also available on the County website.

Director Hartke noted that once the nominations have been selected, it is unclear what the next steps will be.  Director Hartke noted that Feliza Kepler, who is with the Hunter Mill Defense League, is following this process and offered to draft a screening process document for Supervisor Alcorn’s review.  That document is in process. Director Hartke will continue to update the Board once the nominations for the Hunter Mill district have been selected.

Reston Civic Center (aka Reston Town Center North (RTCN)/Bowman Towne Center (BTC)) Unsolicited Proposal – President Mulston asked Director Hays to update the Board on the status of the unsolicited proposal from Foulger Pratt, LLC.  Director Hays noted that a primary focus has been on getting information.  Questions directed to County Staff have largely been ignored or the answers have not been informative. A meeting had been scheduled with Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority (FCRHA) Commissioner Richard Kennedy on November 29, 2022; however, Commissioner Kennedy withdrew from the meeting.  On November 29, 2022 a small sub-group of the Board (President Mulston, Vice-President Maupin, Secretary Endsley and Director Hays) planned to meet with Sandra Barksdale, leader of the Bowman Town Center residents and Tami Petrine to strategize on the next steps for this area.  Director Hays noted that the Interim Agreement with Foulger-Pratt , LLC (FP) has been signed.  Vice-President Maupin concurred with Director Hays that numerous information requests have received no response.

Board members are working to include other civic and community organizations such as the residents of Bowman Towne Court, the Fairfax NAACP, and other organizations along with RCA to oppose this specific proposal.  Alternative solutions to the FP Interim Agreement are being developed.

The concerns in this area are:  (1) destruction of the 30 affordable housing units know as Bowman Towne Court with displacement of the residents; (2) excessive density far in excess of any other area in Reston; (3) issues associated with the replacement of the Reston Regional Library; and (4) security for the Reston Police station and the North County Administrative Building.     

Golf Courses Update – President Mulston and Director Hartke provided updates on the status of the two Reston golf courses.  As noted above the developers/owners of both golf courses have submitted nominations for SSPAs to allow for development of both golf courses.  Both President Mulston and Director Hartke believe that these nominations will be opposed by Supervisor Alcorn on December 6, 2022.

Reston National Golf Course (RNGC) – Director Hartke believes the owners of RNGC do not expect their nomination for a SSPA to be approved.  If the nomination is rejected, the result is expected to be a wait and see approach for RNGC.

Hidden Creek Golf Course (HCGC) – President Mulston reported that the owners also do not expect the nomination to be approved and that should rejection occur, investment will be made in HCGC.  The optimal result is that the owner offers HCGC for sale.

Other Business   President Mulston noted the following items for the Board’s consideration.

            Bylaws Update – Treasurer Leighton offered the following By-Law language (with selected edits from Secretary Endsley):

After a Board action approved at a meeting, only the President or someone designated by the President may speak on this action.  Board members may not speak on this action either in a Board Capacity or individually outside their Board Capacity.

On non-approved Board matters submitted outside the individual’s  Board capacity, individual Board members should state the following “the views and opinions expressed in this {letter/blog post/email/etc.} are solely those of the author. These opinions do not necessarily represent those of the Reston Citizens Association (RCA} or any affiliated organizations or their respective Board of Directors.

Director Hays questioned that By-Law changes might require 14 days-notice before being approved by the Board.  After discussion the Board postponed consideration of the By-Law change to its January meeting.

            Brian Winterhalter – President Mulston noted that Brian Winterhalter was initially scheduled to present at this meeting but had to withdraw.  President Mulston planned to reschedule his presentation for the Board’s January meeting.

            Email Redactions – Director Hartke informed the Board that the email addresses of the Board on the September attachments were redacted.

            Silver Line Rollout – Vice-President Maupin attended both the Silver Line roll-out at Dulles Airport and in Reston.  The speakers were Congressional Senators and Representative, state elected officials as well as past and present BoS chairs and current supervisors.  There were positive comments on development in the Reston area.  The Board should be aware of the proclivities of the area’s political class with respect to development in Reston.

            Dennis Smyers – President Mulston introduced Dennis Smyers and asked him to provide the Board with his background and interests.  Mr. Smyers noted the Tall Oaks development sparked his interest in Reston development.  Mr. Smyers noted that development can be appropriate so long as it is consistent with the spirit of Reston.  He also indicated his interest in land use within other areas of Reston.  President Mulston directed Mr. Smyers to the draft RCP particularly the Land Use chapter for his review.

 Closing – President Mulston noted the next meeting of the Board would be on December 12, 2022 at 7:30 pm to solely discuss the SSPA nominations from the  BoS meeting on December 6, 2022.  President Mulston requested the January Board meeting be held on January 23, 2023 at 7:30 pm and include  meeting with Brian Winterhalter.  President Mulston then asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 pm.  Upon motion made by Director Hays and seconded by Vice-President Maupin, the Board unanimously agreed to adjourn.