Regular Board Meeting – President Mulston called to order the regular Board of Directors (Board) meeting of the Reston Citizens Association (RCA) on March 29, 2022 at 7:30 pm via Zoom Call.   

Attendees were: Lynne Mulston, President; Gary Maupin, Vice-President; Shawn Endsley, Secretary; Joe Leighton, Treasurer; Scott Arnwood; Jan DeLucien; Vincent Dory; Connie Hartke; Dennis Hays; and Yavuz Inanli.  Director Brian Steiner was absent.  President Mulston determined that a quorum of 10 of 11 members was present and the meeting could proceed.  There were three guests – Michael Davis, Austin Gastrill and William Mayland.  

Adoption of Agenda – President Mulston asked for adoption of the agenda.  Upon motion made by Secretary Endsley, and seconded by Treasurer Leighton, the Board unanimously approved the proposed agenda.

Approval of Minutes – President Mulston then asked for approval of the minutes of the March 7, 2022 Board meeting.  Upon motion made by Vice-President Maupin, and seconded by Treasurer Leighton, the Board unanimously approved the March 7, 2022 minutes.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report – President Mulston asked for approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Upon motion made by Secretary Endsley, and seconded by Director Dory, the Board approved the Treasurer’s Report with one abstention from Director Hartke.

Parking Reimagined Presentation, Status and Questions and Answers – Vice-President Maupin introduced Michael Davis, Austin Gastrill, and William Mayland from Fairfax County (County) to provide information on the status of the Parking Reimagined Project.  Messrs. Davis, Gastrill and Mayland covered the agenda in the Parking Reimagined presentation included as Attachment #1. Messrs. Davis, Gastrill and Mayland indicated the conceptual framework for the project was to establish a multi-tiered approach to parking regulation.  This framework was to align parking requirements to reflect density, potentially based on location and zoning districts.  Finally, there was an anticipated reduction to parking requirements based on location in a transit area.  The presentation reviewed the three proposed parking tiers and provided a County map that outlined the location of the various parking tiers.  The project is currently in the development and presentation phase of the parking framework. The timeline for presentation to the Board of Supervisors and community is planned for Spring/Summer 2022 with public hearings expected in the Fall/Winter 2022-2023.  In response to a question Mr. Davis indicated that this framework was primarily expected to be applied to new development.

Messrs. Davis, Gastrill and Mayland then asked for any questions from the Board.  Directors DeLucien, Hays, Inanli, President Mulston, Vice-President Maupin and Secretary Endsley commented and asked a number of questions regarding the presentation, its development, conceptual framework and the possibility of expansion of the parking tiers.  There was a diversity of opinion from the Board on the presentation and its impact on the community.  At the conclusion of the questions and answer session President Mulston thanked Messrs. Davis, Gastrill and Mayland for their presentation and willingness to respond to the input from the Board.

Reston Transportation Service District (RTSD) Advisory Board Update – President Mulston asked Vice-President Maupin to report on the status of the RTSD Advisory Board on which Vice-President Maupin is a member.  Vice-President Maupin provided the Board with a copy of the semi-annual Hunter Mill District Project Report (Attachment #2).  Vice-President Maupin noted that a number of the projects have notations of To Be Determined (TBD) due primarily to funding constraints.  Vice-President Maupin asked the Board to review the project report and provide him with any questions.    

Reston Comprehensive Plan (RCP) Task Force Updates – President Mulston, Vice-President Maupin and Director Hays are members of the RCP Task Force.  President Mulston noted that community outreach was continuing.  It is expected that the RCP Task Force would reconvene in April.  Currently the Land Use section of the RCP was being reviewed by the County staff.  President Mulston indicated that RCP Task Force was feeling the impact of the departure of a member of Supervisor Alcorn’s staff.     

Fannie Mae Rezoning – President Mulston reported that the Fannie Mae Rezoning proposal was approved at the March 21, 2022 meeting of the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee despite the adverse Staff Report that had been previously issued.  The next step is to work with the three affected clusters to develop testimony for the Planning Commission meeting on April 27, 2022.

 Golf Courses Update Reston National Golf Course (RNGC) – President Mulston asked Director Hartke to provide an update on RNGC. Director Hartke noted that the developers had raised the issue of invasive species as a trojan horse for development.  The potential plan to deal with invasive species for the Hunter Green cluster was rejected by the Hunter Green cluster Board.  The developer’s Reston National Neighborhood Study Group (RNNSG) had pivoted to examining “quality of life” gaps between north and south Reston and the implications those purported gaps may have on property values.  The RNNSG has hired research and data company DataStory and real estate research firm Tracy Cross & Associates to look into these quality-of-life issues.  Director Hartke as President of Rescue Reston had been quoted in a recent Reston Patch article addressing this latest attempt by the developer sponsored RNNSG to obtain approval for redevelopment of RNGC.  The Reston Patch article also noted that Supervisor Alcorn’s office reiterated Supervisor Alcorn’s position that he would only back redevelopment of RNGC if it had overwhelming support from the surrounding community.      

Hidden Creek Golf Course (HCGC) – President Mulston reported no new developments with respect to HCGC.  The developer/owner has no interest in selling HCGC.

Reston Association Updates – President Mulston reported that the election for directors has apparently reached the required 10% threshold to make the election results valid.  The election period ends at 5:00 pm on April 1st.  President Mulston encouraged members of the Board to vote (if eligible).  Director Hartke noted that the two chief executive officer finalists had been scheduled for interviews.

Lake Anne Village Center – Director Dory noted that there were no activities to report.

Other Business President Mulston noted that there were no other items of business for this Board meeting.

Closing – President Mulston indicated the next meeting of the Board would be on April 26,  2022 at 7:30 pm.  President Mulston then asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 pm.  Upon motion made by Treasurer Leighton and seconded by Director DeLucien, the Board unanimously agreed to adjourn.