The Board of Directors (Board) meeting of the Reston Citizens Association (RCA) was a hybrid meeting held in person and via Zoom on July 13, 2021.  President Mulston called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm.

Attendees were: Lynne Mulston, President; Gary Maupin, Vice-President; Shawn Endsley, Secretary; Joe Leighton, Treasurer; Connie Hartke; Dennis Hays, Yavuz Inanl (via Zoom); and Craig Stevens.  Directors Vincent Dory and Brian Steiner were absent.  President Mulston determined that a quorum was present and the meeting could proceed.  There were no visitors.

Director Stevens informed the Board that he would be resigning from the Board due to his relocation out of the area.  President Mulston expressed the Board’s appreciation for Director Stevens’s participation and passion.  Director Stevens indicated his honor in working with RCA.  After celebration of Director Stevens’ birthday Director Stevens left the meeting.

Adoption of Agenda – President Mulston asked for adoption of the agenda.  Upon motion made by Treasurer Leighton seconded by Secretary Endsley, the Board unanimously approved the proposed agenda.

Approval of Minutes – President Mulston asked for approval of the minutes of the May 27, 2021 meeting.  Upon motion made by Vice-President Maupin seconded by Director Harke, the Board unanimously approved the May 27, 2021 minutes.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report – President Mulston then asked for approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Upon motion made by Secretary Endsley seconded by Vice-President Maupin, the Board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report.  Treasurer Leighton noted that the $500 donation to Rescue Reston was reflected in this month’s Treasurer’s Report.

Approval of Fairfax County Federation of Citizens Associations (Fairfax Federation) Annual Membership Payment – President Mulston asked for Board approval of the annual membership payment of $70 to the Fairfax Federation.  Upon motion made by Secretary Endsley seconded by Director Hays the Board unanimously approved the payment of the $70 annual membership fee to the Fairfax Federation.

Comprehensive Plan Task Force Update – President Mulston, Vice-President Maupin and Director Hays updated the Board on the work of the Comprehensive Plan Task Force.

            Transportation Working Group – Issues are being addressed by the working group that will be included in the final written document.  A number of issues were identified that should not be included in the Comprehensive Plan such as speed limits in Reston.  Those items will be excluded.  Vice-President Maupin indicated that few issues were left to be addressed.

            Open Space, Parks and Recreational Working Group – The issues associated with this working group are almost completed.

            Reston Town Center North (RTCN) – This area is also called Cameron Green.  INOVA wants to sell the property that it owns.  In addition the Sunrise Senior Center is on land owned by INOVA with a remaining lease of 19years.  (This area is in Block 6 of the Land Design 06-30-2021 presentation on both slides 2 and 3.  The Land Design 06-30-2021 presentation is attached to these minutes. )  In addition there was discussion that that the County wants to zone the area for 50 Dwelling Units (DUs) while residents want a zoning of 20 DUs.  The current expected concept plan with the number of developable blocks is outlined on Slide 3 of the Land Design 06-30-2021 attachment to these minutes.  This concept plan is expected to be discussed with the Reston Association (RA) Design Review Board (DRB).  The development of this area will be discussed in the final Comprehensive Plan in the Land Use Chapter.

The Board agreed that President Mulston should testify on behalf of RCA at the upcoming meeting of the DRB on RTCN/Cameron Green on July 20, 2021 at 7:00 pm.  President Mulston agreed to do so based on information from Vice-President Maupin and Director Hays.  As a representative of RCA President Mulston will be able to speak for 5 minutes at the DRB meeting.

            Land Use and RA Land Use Meetings – The next RA Land Use meeting is scheduled for July 16, 2021.  President Mulston, Secretary Endsley and Director Hays will be attending this Zoom call.

Based on discussion with the Board the Comprehensive Plan is approximately 70% complete with a targeted completion in late fall of 2021. 

Golf Courses Update

Reston National Golf Course (RNGC) – Director Hartke noted that Developer/Owners Warhorse/Weller have done four (4) tent shows for members of the surrounding clusters.  One additional tent show has an announced date.  The tent shows have not been well received by the impacted clusters. 

Hidden Creek Golf Course (HCCC) – President Mulston indicated that a potential buyer of HCCC is no longer interested.  President Mulston noted that members of HCCC have indicated an interest in purchasing HCCC from Wheelock.  Wheelock indicated that they would only be interested in a sale if the purchase price was at least $30 million which is an outrageous amount far in excess of the original purchase price.

Both RCA and Rescue Reston will need to remain vigilant as the developers will not stop their attempts to monetize their investments in both golf courses with development.

Fannie Mae Building Status – Wheelock remains committed to developing the property with 90 townhomes.  Director Hays noted that the property is located on a flood plain and that development ignoring that designation will establish a “bad” precedent for the area.  Vice-President Maupin noted that RA had worked to establish the ability to walk through the property.  Development could eliminate the ability to traverse the property.  RCA will need to remain vigilant as development activities for the property progress.

Other Business

RCA Testimony at RTCN DRB Meeting – This was discussed as part of the RTCN discussion under the Comprehensive Plan update.

Wiehle Avenue Pedestrian Study Group Virtual Meeting – Director Hartke provided an update on the status of pedestrian access over the Toll Road on Wiehle Avenue.  Director Hartke noted that pedestrian bridges are likely ruled out for various good reasons.  An underpass is the ideal solution but would be very expensive and the cost would be considerably greater than the developers’ incentive payment.  Director Hartke will continue to participate on the Wiehle Working group which is tasked with submitting recommendations to Supervisor Alcorn.

Reston Community Center (RCC) – Secretary Endsley attended the Annual Meetings for Programs and Budget on June 21, 2021.  The following key points were noted.

  • RCC is developing its new 5 year plan and is seeking community input.
  • The Fiscal Year Budget for 2022 is based on revenues of $9,475,000 with the Fiscal Year Budget for 2023 based on revenues of $10,148,000.  The Fiscal Year Budget for 2022 has been impacted by the Covid pandemic.
  • RCC is looking for candidates to fill 3 open positions on its Board of Governors.  The candidates will be submitted to a preference poll.  The relevant dates are as follows:

                        Candidacy Filing –                               August 1-15, 2021                   Candidacy Photo and Orientation –       August 15, 2021
     Candidates Forum at RCC Hunters Woods – September 9, 2021
Voting (Walk-in and Online) –    September 10 – October 1, 2021

  • Secretary Endsley can provide Directors with a copy of the RCC Annual Report dated June 2021 if any Director is interested.

RCA Certification Program – President Mulston suggested that the Board consider a certification program for developers and builders that they can use to promote their conformance to Reston’s guiding principles.  President Mulston provided a concept document for the directors to consider.  (Attachment 2 is the concept document.)  The certification program will be discussed further at future meetings.

Closing – President Mulston suggested that the next Board meeting be held on August 17, 2021 at 7:30 pm.  Given comments from the Board President Mulston will finalize the meeting date sometime in August.  President Mulston asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 pm.  Upon motion made by Director Hays and seconded by Vice-President Maupin the Board unanimously agreed to adjourn.

1. Cameron Green (RTCN) RA DRB Concept Plan Amendment 06-30-2021
2. RCA Certification Program Concept Document