The Board of Directors (Board) meeting of the Reston Citizens Association (RCA) was a Zoom meeting held on January 26, 2022.  President Mulston called the meeting to order at 7:31 pm. 

Attendees were: Lynne Mulston, President; Gary Maupin, Vice-President; Shawn Endsley, Secretary; Joe Leighton, Treasurer; Vincent Dory (joined at 7:34 pm); Connie Hartke; Dennis Hays; and Yavuz Inanli (joined at 7:34 pm).  Director Brian Steiner was absent.  President Mulston determined that a quorum of 7 of 9 members was present and the meeting could proceed.  There were two guests and prospective Board members: Scott Arwood and Jan DeLucien.  

Adoption of Agenda – President Mulston asked for adoption of the agenda.  Upon motion made by Secretary Endsley with a second by Vice-President Maupin, the Board unanimously approved the proposed agenda.

Approval of Minutes – President Mulston then asked for approval of the minutes of the November 30, 2021 meeting.  Upon motion made by Vice-President Maupin and seconded by Director Hays, the Board unanimously approved the November 30, 2021 minutes.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report – President Mulston asked for approval of the Treasurer’s Report.  Upon motion made by Director Hays and seconded by Vice-President Maupin, the Board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s Report.

Introduction of Prospective Board Members – President Mulston introduced Scott Arwood and Jan DeLucien as prospective Board members.

Scott Arwood – President Mulston noted that Mr. Arwood had met with President Mulston and Directors Hays and Hartke about the Board.  President Mulston then asked Mr. Arwood to provide his background.  Mr. Arwood indicated that he moved to Northern Virginia from Oklahoma approximately 7 years ago.  He indicated that he had moved to Reston about 1 year ago.  He and his family live near one of the golf courses and he likes to play golf.  Mr. Arwood is a banker with M&T Bank and he is interested in involvement in the Reston community.

President Mulston noted that M&T Bank wants its employees to become involved in the community, but she noted that Mr. Arwood may have to recuse himself from selected matters before the Board due to potential conflicts of interest resulting from his employment at M&T Bank.  Mr. Arwood indicated that a potential conflict of interest could arise with respect to Reston National Golf Course (RNGC).  President Mulston asked the Board if there were any questions from the Board.  No questions were asked.

Jan DeLucien – President Mulston noted that Ms. DeLucien had met with President Mulston, Vice-President Maupin and Director Hartke about joining the Board.  President Mulston then asked Ms. DeLucien to provide the Board with her background.  Ms. DeLucien indicated that she had moved to Reston in 1980 and had been owner in the Ivy Oaks Cluster for the past 31 years.  She indicated that she was interested in the ultimate disposition of the Fannie Mae property that is near to her home.  Ms. DeLucien noted that she was semi-retired and committed to Reston, and the North Shore and Lake Anne areas in Reston. 

President Mulston then asked if there were any questions from the Board of which there were none.

President Mulston thanked Mr. Arwood and Ms. DeLucien for their interest in the Board and indicated that the Board would get back with them regarding their joining the Board.

Comprehensive Plan Task Force Updates – President Mulston, Vice-President Maupin and Director Hays are members of the Task Force working on the Comprehensive Plan.  President Mulston asked Vice-President Maupin to update the Board on the status of the Comprehensive Plan.  Vice-President Maupin noted that are currently 12 chapters being prepared which remain subject to change.  The current chapters are: (1) Planning Principles, (2) Land Use, (3) Trans-portation, (4) Parks and Recreation, (5) Public Facilities, (6) Affordable Housing, (7) Environ-mental Stewardship, (8) Economic Development, (9) Heritage Resources, (10) Community Health and possibly (11) Earned Density and (12) Equity.  As each chapter is prepared, it is submitted to the Task Force for approval.  After Task Force approval, the chapter will be forwarded to Fairfax County (County) staff for their review and comments.  Once the County staff has provided its edits and comments, the Task Force will again have the opportunity to review and approve each chapter.

Vice-President Maupin noted that President Mulston has been responsible for drafting the Land Use chapter of the Comprehensive Plan.  The remaining chapters are in various stages of completion.  Vice-President Maupin and Director Hays both indicated that completion of all of the chapters is being targeted for October 2022 for approval by the Board of Supervisors (BoS).

Director Inanli expressed his concerns about the definition of earned density in the Comprehensive Plan.  Director Hays noted that the community will have the opportunity to review and comment on the Comprehensive Plan prior to its submission to the BoS.  Director Inanli will have the opportunity to ensure that his concerns are addressed prior to approval of the Comprehensive Plan.

Director Hartke raised the question whether there was any news on the North County the Site Specific Plan Amendment (SSPA).  There were no updates on that process which has not yet started.

President Mulston indicated that John Carter, the Planning Commissioner for the Hunter Mill District, has been involved with the Task Force which should favorably impact the review of the Comprehensive Plan by the Planning Commission.  President  Mulston noted that the Task Force is meeting weekly and members of the community can attend.

Fannie Mae Rezoning – President Mulston noted that members of the Board had been copied on the correspondence from McGuire Woods dealing with the development of the Fannie Mae property.  The revised development plan for the Fannie Mae property was submitted to the Reston Planning & Zoning Committee (RPZC) at its meeting on January 25, 2022.  At this meeting over 20 individuals spoke against the revised development plan.  Clusters adjacent to the property were also uncomfortable with the revised development plan.  Based on this meeting the RPZC deferred a vote on the revised development plan.

Director Inanli provided his input that the development plan will provide open/green space in the TSA.  Director Inanli noted that commentators are not consistent with their input.  Director Inanli also noted that this development proposal will turnover private property for public space.  Director Hays noted that this reversion of private property to public property will have a financial impact as to the responsibility for maintenance and upkeep.

Visitor Ms. DeLucien noted that the key issue is the level of density in the development plan.

President Mulston indicated that residents did not want another Tall Oaks townhome, condominium development for this space.  This will continue to be an area of interest.

 Golf Courses Update Reston National Golf Course (RNGC) – President Mulston asked Director Hartke to provide an update on RNGC. Director Hartke noted that volunteers were being solicited to educate the RNGC neighbors and suggest they contact Supervisor Alcorn.  In addition, Director Hartke noted that the South County efforts for SSPAs has not been concluded.  Until that effort is finished, the north County SSPAs have not yet been undertaken.  As noted above, it is hoped that RNGC and Hidden Creek Golf Course (HCGC) will not be eligible for SSPAs by developers.

Hidden Creek Golf Course (HCGC) – President Mulston reported no developments with respect to HCGC.

Reston Association (RA) Update – Director Hays indicated that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) search continues.  Larry Butler remains the acting CEO and is ineligible to become CEO due to his residence outside of Reston.  Director Hays noted that there are 3 RA Board of Director (RA Board) seats up for election in 2022.  Given the aging infrastructure finances will be an important issue for RA going forward.  President Mulston indicated that a liaison with the RA Board would be helpful.  Discussion of the liaison would be deferred until after the RA Board elections.

Lake Anne Village Center – Director Dory provided information that the County BoS approved $250,000 for a study of the public areas at Lake Anne.  This study does not impact the concerns of the aging residential infrastructure at Lake Anne which is over 50 years old.  In addition, there are questions regarding the purchase of the space used by the Reston Community Center.  Lake Anne will continue to be an area of interest for the Board.

Other Business President Mulston asked the Board for other items of interest.

WMATA Update – Director Inanli provided the Board with an update on WMATA (Metro).  Phase 2 is close to being completed with a hand-off to Metro.  It is expected that hand-off will be complete by late spring or early summer.  It is expected that this hand-off will occur prior to the retirement of the current Metro general manager.

County Task Force on Parking Reimagined – Vice-President Maupin updated the Board on his participation on this task force.  There are concerns about the availability of parking in Reston.  With the opening of the Metro extension there are concerns about parking at the new Metro stations.  Given the lengthy delay in the opening of the extension it is unknown how the new stations and traffic flow will impact parking at the Wiehle Avenue station.

Reston Triathlon – Recent news reports indicate that the Reston Triathlon will be ending.  Director Inanli inquired as to the possibility that RA would take over the Triathlon.  Director Hays noted that a number of issues had arisen such as  County police support and financial considerations.  Perhaps a commercial sponsor might be encouraged to take over the responsibility given the news report.  Director Hays noted that once the key administrative support was disbanded, it would be very difficult to resume management of the Triathlon.  No action items were proposed by the Board.

Closing – President Mulston indicated the next meeting of the Board would be on February 22, 2022 at 7:30 pm.  President Mulston then asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:06 pm.  Upon motion made by Director Hays and seconded by Director Dory, the Board unanimously agreed to adjourn.