As has been previously reported many times, the existing Reston Regional Library in the Reston Town Center North area is planned to be demolished and rebuilt as part of a multi-year development project that the Fairfax County is currently contemplating for that area. 

Former American Press Institute Building, Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA  Photo Credit:
It has come to light that the former American Press Institute Building (pictured above), which may get a permit to be bulldozed at the Fairfax Planning & Zoning meeting on June 16, could very adequately house the Reston Regional Library. 

All citizens who want an amazing space for our Regional Library, the most used in the County, need to ACT NOW by reading the information on the Fairfax Library Advocates website and then signing a petition by Monday, June 13.  The demolition permit for the API building must be halted so that the option of converting the former API building into Reston’s permanent library can be fully explored.

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Didn’t know the existing library will be razed and need a temporary home for several years? Learn more at